KontrolFreek Esports Forge is a program designed to help aspirational esports teams and athletes reach their competitive goals by leveraging KontrolFreek’s resources, support, and experience collaborating with the world's top esports organizations.
KontrolFreek Esports Forge offers a series of compelling perks and benefits aimed at helping members improve their in-game performances, expand their brand visibility, and increase their earning potential: <br/>--- FORGE APPRENTICE (exclusive digital content, discounts on select gear, access to private Discord server)<br/><br/> --- FORGE SPECIALIST (all Forge Apprentice perks, subsidized jerseys, personalized marketing opps. and promos, affiliate code, streaming collaborations with KontrolFreek) <br/><br/>--- FORGE MASTER (all Forge Apprentice and Forge Specialist perks, custom sponsorships/contracts, access to premium marketing collaborations, ability to use main KontrolFreek logos).
Discount codes
Affiliate revenue

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